Pandemic 2020

Travelling pre vs post Covid

We had lots of fun in Florida in August 2019.

And here are all the photos to prove it!

Sadly, that was the last time we were in FL….or anywhere actually, until MA for Caitlin’s wedding October,2021, the CMA Fest in 2022 after a two year postponement, and more recently, to New York City (see blog!)


Susan at the Senior Expo

Burlington Co Contact

I volunteered as a crisis helpline phone worker from 2008 until covid 19 came along. Remote calls just didn’t work for me, and I never got back to it after the office reopened.

SHIP Counseling

It’s very gratifying to be able to help people navigate their way through the intricacies of Medicare programs and available financial assistance in paying for it all.

Hopefully, we will get a Burlington County sponsor again, soon. Meanwhile the State refers us.

Eastampton Rec Committee

I volunteered to help Louise Campbell with Fun Day and I worked on the committee until 2020. Things were a lot different than they were initially towards my end. I wonder what will be going on now in the time of covid.

Eddie, Doris, Ro, Michelle, Kimberly, Roberta, Frankhttps://eastampton.shutterfly.com/

Friends of the Burlington County Library

In 2022 I was invited to join the Board (they knew me from my Book Sale volunteering).

At our first meeting January 2023 I was elected as the Board Secretary.

Death and Taxes…..

I took the HR Block tax class a year after I retired and have been working there seasonally ever since.

I enjoy learning about taxes and helping people get the best results possible.

I work at the Liberty Square office in Burlington during tax season and have wonderful co-workers.

During the pandemic initially, I stayed home during regular hours but after things settled down I went back in as if life was normal (but masked!)

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