New Year 2023

The holidays slipped by fairly unnoticed.

Tom had surgery the day before Thanksgiving and we spent the holidays helping him recover for the most part. Now it turns out the pre-surgery biopsies showing no cancer were deceptive and he’ll have to have more procedures and we are keeping our fingers crossed.

In better news we are now the owners of three new(2) and/or refurbished(1) computers.

Mini Vacation in NYC

We headed to New York City on the train from Hamilton on Sunday, August 28th. That night we saw Aladdin. On Monday we had lunch with Millie and Harry and then dinner with Zoe, Cody, and Sarrah.

On Tuesday we took the subway (quite the adventure!) to the Natural History Museum (and I pushed Tom around in a wheelchair to make life easier for him) and then saw Harry Potter that evening. We checked out and left on the train home Wednesday morning. Here’s a link to our photos:

CMA Music Fest 2022

 We are back from Nashville and I have a collection of photos and some video clips to share….a lot! Don’t be overwhelmed, but maybe this will give you an idea of what attendance at the CMA Music Fest is like. There are outdoor stages all over and the Broadway lined with the famous honky tonks bursting with live music and the street filled with stands for giveaway products and activities…like the AARP booth had line dancing! It’s really a lot of fun and we are already looking forward to going next year! (On the covid side, we were very much in the minority when it came to wearing our masks on the plane, shuttle rides, and in crowds, but we didn’t care; safety first!)

Here’s a link to my CMA Music Fest 2022 Photos in a shared google photos album. I hope you like them!

And the new year goes on….

It’s March 2022 now and we still stay pretty much to home, computers, and tv as we have for the last two years (!!!)

Just added HR Block and lots of doctors appointments for Tom. Oh and movies (not that many good ones to choose from!) and Prospectors (getting more and more crowded all the time 😦

Something to look forward to…I think ….is planning for and then attending the (much delayed) CMA Music Fest in June.

Suddenly September!

Wow, is time flying or what? Another year I don’t have to get ready for school…..and I am so sorry for all who will be affected by covid worries still.

August 31 was the last day to deal with Bluegreen points. We decided not to use the saved ones for speculative tripping and were relieved to know the RCI ones have another year. We are just so leery about going anywhere….Florida in particular.

We’ve been doing some things though.

Pig roast at Randi’s, lunch at Marcia’s , dancing at Mastori’s, lunch with Gee Gee, BCREA picnic at Wendell’s, tea with Jane and Jean, lunch with Kathryn and Ron.

…and now it is August!

Sue’s birthday is coming up…August 8th will always seem like a holiday to me!

The most exciting news is that Caitlin and Eric are getting married in Massachusetts on October 16th. (Of course, now Tom is having skin cancer removal surgery on Oct. 6th with follow-up Oct. 13th, but he doesn’t see that as a problem…

We’ve been attending many a movie in theaters again (not that many are good…case in point, Suicide Squad….ugh) and uneasily going inside Prospectors once in awhile…. I have been obsessively watching the old Roswell tv series. 🙂 I don’t miss Contact (although I haven’t officially dropped out). I am not enjoying the HRBlock CE classes. I loved lunch with GeeGee and am looking forward to seeing more people in person – like Jill and Mike, Kathryn, Janet P. I have lost touch with too many. 😦

Catching Up

Happy 4th of July! Tom is recuperating after his June 30th hip replacement surgery and I am staying home to watch over him. We wandered out for a short walk and saw (and heard!) a lot of around the neighborhood fireworks.

In other news, Jennifer retired, Caitlin is getting married, we’ve been out to see movies in a theater, I am finally going to have lunch with GeeGee again, I seem to have eased away from Contact, my paid year of Zoom ended, we are still masking on the few occasions we venture out, although we are both vaccinated, no vacations in sight 😦

Getting together

The pandemic isn’t over yet, but we are starting to get out of the house with others a bit. There has been dancing outside at Prospectors (they’ve gone in, but we haven’t) and the Fairgrounds.

We’ve started going to movies. We’ve seen five so far: Voyagers, Those Who Wish Me Dead, Finding You, Wrath of Man, Here Today.

It was a treat to be outside in the park with the Eastampton Book Club. Our “book” was any Kristen Hannah. I talked about Flying Away and Four Winds.

I’m not sure if I already mentioned having lunch with Sue and Patrick at Gaetano’s while they were out here for their NYC visit and following road trip. It was great to see them in person!

Last, but not least, I have these photos of the Crawfords’ next generation. They appear to have been at Gina’s this past week? So cute all. (Photos from Tony’s google collection).